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At Hill & Associates, our Philadelphia brain injury lawyers have spent years researching what makes up the human brain. The brain is the center of personality, character, intellect, and creativity. It controls our every movement, every thought, every memory. It houses our senses and our tastes and controls our behavior. It regulates the functions of the physical body and is the center of cognition. It is what has allowed us to rise above other living beings with which we share the earth. Now imagine that you’ve fallen and crushed your skull, or rammed your head into the windshield when struck by another car, or that a police officer slammed your head with a baton, damaging a portion of the brain. Are you still the same person you were before?

Founding partner and senior trial attorney Leonard K. Hill has handled hundreds of similar cases and his response, “Not always.”

Traumatic brain injuries can damage your brain in such a way that you are not quite the same person you once were – and the amount of change will depend on the part of the brain affected and the severity of the blow. If the injury is mild, you might recover with little obvious change, although cumulative mild injuries may slowly impair your cognition and predispose you to dementia. If the injury is severe, however, involving bleeding, tearing, and swelling, your chance of death increases dramatically, and if you survive, the physical, psychological, sensory, and cognitive changes can cause impairments that may make you seem like an entirely different person. Our Philadelphia personal injury law firm has recovered compensation for those victims and their families who have suffered a brain injury throughout Pennsylvania.

Common Causes of Brain Trauma

There are many circumstances in which a person can sustain a traumatic brain injury. More specifically, brain injuries happen in motor vehicle crashes such as car and truck accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, diving accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents, as well as in sports and acts of violence such as police brutality. They are among the most horrific and life-altering of all injuries, and they are often not the victim’s fault; they are frequently caused by another person’s negligent behavior.

When your life or that of someone you love has been shattered by a brain injury that someone else caused and that never should have happened, your anger is justifiable. At Hill & Associates, we are known for the care and personal attention we give each of our clients in getting through these difficult times of need. Why must you suffer for someone else’s wrongdoing? You should not, of course, but brain damage is often permanent. It may be that the best thing you can do is to pursue a claim for monetary compensation for your damages. For this, you will need the help of an experienced Philadelphia brain injury lawyer and at our firm, we can provide the superior representation that can make all the difference in how you live the remainder of your life after brain trauma.

Impairments from Brain Injuries

Money won’t undo the damage, but it can help give you the financial means to cope and to make the best of your life when you’re faced with an impairment, which might include these cognitive, sensory, physical, and psychological changes:

  • cognitive deficits
  • confusion
  • difficulty with language, reading or writing
  • memory problems
  • inability to concentrate
  • problems with executive functions
  • loss of vision
  • blurred vision
  • eye muscle weakness
  • involuntary eye movements
  • excessive sensitivity to light
  • hearing loss
  • ringing in the ears
  • oversensitivity to sound
  • loss of the sense of smell or taste
  • headaches
  • loss of coordination
  • numbness
  • spasticity
  • paralysis
  • seizures
  • bowel and bladder control problems
  • sleep disorders
  • chronic pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • changes in appetite
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • aggression
  • loss of inhibition
  • executive function impairment

If you have a few or many of these symptoms, they may keep you from returning to work or even from living on your own. You may require years of medical treatment, therapy, and assistance in the home. The Philadelphia brain injury attorneys at Hill & Associates understand how important it is to those injured and their families to recover enough money to pay for all of the financial costs as well as compensate you for your suffering and the loss of your quality of life.

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