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Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer

If you were injured after being attacked or bitten by another person’s dog, you might be facing mounting medical bills and an inability to return to work. However, under Pennsylvania law, you have the right to seek compensation from a negligent pet owner through a civil lawsuit.

Therefore, after a dog bite injury, it is often vital that you immediately take steps to protect your legal rights. By working with a Philadelphia dog bite lawyer, you could have your questions answered and receive legal guidance with each step of the claims process. A steadfast attorney could help by working tirelessly to pursue compensation on your behalf, so that you could focus on your recovery.

Laws for Pet Owner Liability

Like most states, Pennsylvania has statutes regarding liability in a dog attack case. For years, Pennsylvania followed the legal theory known as the “one free bite” rule. This rule—which is still in effect in many states—only allowed for an injury victim to recover damages if the owner had prior notice of a dog’s violent nature. In other words, every dog had “one free bite” before an owner effectively became legally liable for any injuries caused by their attacks.

However, under the current state law, a pet owner can face liability for an attack, even when their dog has never exhibited violent tendencies before. In fact, as long as an injured person does not provoke the animal before an attack, they may be entitled to recover compensation.

Another important factor relates to leash laws. If a dog violated a local leash law at the time of the attack, there may be a presumption that the pet owner was responsible. From investigating the facts to identifying a pet’s owner, an experienced Philadelphia dog bite attorney may be able to help anyone injured in an attack to build a successful case.

Potential Damages in a Dog Attack Case

Dogs of all sizes can be unpredictable. When canines lash out, the injuries can be severe. Even bites from small dogs can lead to scarring, disfigurement, nerve damage, and lacerations, however. In the most severe cases, an attack can even be fatal.

Thankfully, many people who are injured by another person’s pet have the right to pursue compensation. With the help of a skilled dog attack attorney in Philadelphia, an injured individual might successfully recover damages for both past expenses, as well as for ongoing care. The types of damages commonly available in these cases include requested recovery for medical bills, disfigurement, and lost wages.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are the most common expense related to many injury claims. These damages aim to compensate an injured claimant for a number of medical costs, ranging from any required emergency room visits immediately following an injury, to physical therapy costs months later.


Dog bites often lead to severe scarring. As a result, an injury victim might be able to pursue financial compensation for any scarring or disfigurement caused by an attack.

Lost Wages

When a person attacked by a dog misses work due to their injuries, they might also have a viable claim for lost wages against the pet owner. Furthermore, the injured plaintiff might also have the chance to recover damages for any diminished future earning capacity caused by the bite as well.

Contact a Philadelphia Dog Bite Attorney for Help

When the careless or reckless behavior of a pet owner caused your injuries, you should not have to cover your related medical costs and associated expenses alone. With the help of a well-versed Philadelphia dog bite lawyer, you could pursue these damages by filing a lawsuit against the owner.

However, navigating the claims process alone can be difficult. By working with a dedicated and experienced attorney, you could rest assured that you have a legal professional on your side. To get started, call today.

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