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Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyer

It is a sad fact that children who suffer personal injuries often ensure worse damage than adults in the same scenario. Undeveloped bodies and minds are less able to cope with the stressors that an injury can inflict. Even so, an at-fault defendant is responsible to provide compensation for any damage they cause, even if it is magnified by the fact that their victim is a child.

A Philadelphia child injury lawyer could help you pursue a claim for compensation stemming from your child’s injuries. An experienced attorney could help you determine the value of your case, identify the parties at fault, and pursue your child’s claim for fair compensation.

Common Examples of Child Injuries in Philadelphia

Children could suffer a variety of injuries stemming for auto collisions, pedestrian accidents, bicycle crashes, playgrounds, and hazardous property environments. In addition, children are also vulnerable when participating in child-specific activities such as attending school, riding in a school bus, or playing in a playground. If a child suffers an injury while participating in any of these activities, an at-fault defendant is liable to provide compensation.

Holding the Liable Parties Accountable for Negligence

Most injuries that affect children are the results of accidents. The at-fault party, whether they be a motorist, a property owner, or a school, should be held responsible to provide payment to people to whom they cause harm.

For example, if a child suffers a broken arm after being in a car accident, the at-fault driver or their insurance company is responsible to provide compensation for their negligence. A similar formula requires negligent landowners to provide compensation after slip and fall accidents, dog bites, or even instances of defective products that lead to injuries. A Philadelphia child injury lawyer could help identify the cause of your child’s injuries and pursue at fault defendants for proper compensation.

Unique Aspects of a Child Injury Claim

Children have the same right to receive compensation for their losses as adults. However, the law does not allow a child to serve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Instead, the child’s guardian must serve as a plaintiff in any claim for personal injury. In many cases, the guardian may be the child’s parent. The parent would pursue the case on behalf of the child, and the parent must place any proceeds that result from the claim in a trust fund until the child reaches the age of 18.

A case involving an injured child also changes the available compensation in a claim. A personal injury case that affects an adult would typically demand payments for economic and noneconomic damages. However, since a child likely has no economic damages, this formula would change. Instead, the case would evaluate the impact on the child’s education, happiness, and overall development. A Philadelphia child injury lawyer could help determine the value of a case based upon its impact on the child’s life.

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Children have legal rights much as adults do. Among those rights is the ability to seek compensation following a personal injury. While the law does not allow a child to pursue these damages on their own, it does empower a child’s guardian to seek damages on their behalf. This applies to any instance the leads to a child’s injury such as a slip and fall, a car accident, or even an intentional assault.

A Philadelphia child injury lawyer could help lead the way during these difficult and emotional times. They can work to gather the evidence needed to prove defendant fault, to use that evidence to form persuasive demand packages, and even take the case to court. Contact a Philadelphia child injury lawyer today to maximize your chances for success.

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