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Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyer

Each year, there are thousands of complaints, involving police brutality and the use of excessive force, filed against police departments throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Additional civil rights complaints include false arrest and illegal detention, racial profiling, and even sexual assault by police. According to published statistics provided by the office of Mayor Michael Nutter:

  • In 2008, there were 697 complaints filed against police officers, and
  • 744 complaints were made in 2009

And those are just statistics for the Philadelphia Police Department. When it is too difficult to file a complaint, some citizens just give up. Unfortunately, many complaints may be justified or attempted, but are never registered. In one undercover spot-check of the Philadelphia Police Department, five districts refused to take complaints anonymously, would not provide complaints forms, or harassed or intimidated would-be complaint filers. With a specialized Philadelphia police brutality attorney, you have the opportunity to recover the compensation you deserve.

Seek Justice for Police Brutality in Philadelphia

The police are supposed to honor your civil rights – but it is not their job to defend your civil rights. That’s where a highly skilled Philadelphia police brutality lawyer can help. Our great nation was founded on the principle that all men were created equal, but our society has failed, for centuries, to make good on that promise. If your civil rights have been violated, you need an attorney that will aggressively pursue your rights against powerful interests. At Hill & Associates, our civil rights lawyers are strong advocates for the victims of civil rights abuses and discrimination.

If your civil rights have been violated by the police, state police, security guards, or prison officials, you need to stand up and make your voice heard. The most powerful method of doing this is by filing a civil lawsuit against those who have wronged you, and holding them accountable for their actions.

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The Philadelphia police brutality lawyers at Hill & Associates are dedicated to helping people stand up for their civil rights, and holding law enforcement officials accountable for violations of those rights. For people who are otherwise unable to fight for themselves, we offer them a chance to level the playing field against the powerful interests who have wronged them. To discuss your civil rights litigation options with one of our attorneys, call our office at (215) 567-7600 to schedule your initial free case evaluation.

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