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Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Given the size disparity between bikes and cars, it should come as no surprise that many bicycle wrecks and collisions result in severe bodily injuries. Furthermore, the lack of protection cyclists have only increases the risk of this harm.

When another person is at fault for those injuries, however, anyone injured in a cycling crash might have the right to seek monetary compensation. Because the legal process is often difficult to navigate, a skilled personal injury attorney with experience handling these cases may be able to guide you through each step.

As a cyclist, you have the same rights to the streets of Philadelphia as any driver. Therefore, if you were injured by an inattentive or otherwise careless driver while cycling, let a Philadelphia bicycle accident lawyer help you pursue financial recovery for your injuries and other losses.

Damages Available in a Bike Accident Case

Due to the severity of the injuries involved, bike wreck lawsuits often require a high dollar value of damages. The purpose of these damages is to compensate an injured cyclist, as well as to hold the negligent driver accountable. When a knowledgeable Philadelphia attorney who is handling a bike crash lawsuit reviews a case, they should identify all potential damages available to their client. Common damages in these lawsuits include medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, among others:

Medical Bills

When a cyclist sustains injuries in a collision with a negligent motorist, they have the right to seek damages for any resulting medical bills. These damages may cover emergency room visits, chiropractic care, or physical therapy. In addition to prior medical bills, a plaintiff may also seek the cost of future medical treatment related to their injuries.

Pain and Suffering

A plaintiff has the right to pursue damages for their physical pain resulting from their injuries, which is an example of a non-economic damage. Non-economic damages have no easily identifiable value and, therefore, often require the skill and compassion of a detail-oriented Philadelphia bicycle accident attorney.

Lost Wages

When a cyclist misses work due to a their injuries, they can also pursue the paychecks they missed through an injury lawsuit. When injuries are so severe that they impact a person’s ability to earn a living in the future, for example, a plaintiff may also seek compensation for lost future earning potential.

Comparative Negligence

In some cases, a plaintiff might not recover all of the damages established by their Philadelphia bike crash attorney. In a lawsuit, an injured cyclist might see their recovery reduced if they were found to be partially responsible for the accident.

Pennsylvania follows what’s known as the “51 percent bar” rule. This rule prevents a plaintiff from recovering any damages in a lawsuit if they are 51 percent or more liable for the accident. Therefore, a plaintiff may recover damages if their fault is 50 percent or less. However, according to Pennsylvania Statute 7102, a jury would reduce a plaintiff’s recovery to match their percentage of fault. For example, if a jury finds a plaintiff to be 20 percent at fault, they would still award 80 percent of the plaintiff’s proven damages.

Let a Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Attorney Help

Recovering from injuries sustained in a cycling crash can be stressful. In addition to unexpected medical bills, you may find your financial situation unsteady if you were forced to miss work due to your injuries.

Instead of trying to pursue compensation alone, retain a Philadelphia bicycle accident lawyer for help with pursuing full and fair compensation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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