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Philadelphia Defective Products Lawyer

Millions of people use products every day without thinking twice about the possibility of it being defective or faulty. Unfortunately, injuries stemming from hazardous items are quite common, potentially leaving users with physical trauma, financial strain, and emotional anguish.

If you suffered injuries after a safely using a product, you might benefit from the care and consideration of a Philadelphia defective products lawyer. Formulating a successful personal injury claim often takes extensive time and effort. Having an experienced personal injury attorney working alongside you to build your case might help lessen the stress of recovery and help you gain insight into potential options for recovery.

Filing a Hazardous Products Claim in Philadelphia

Anyone looking to pursue a defective product claim might wish to consult a Philadelphia attorney for help with navigating the more complex elements of any injury case. This includes collecting evidence and establishing fault, as well as calculating the extent of a person’s damages.

It is also crucial to understand the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania, which sets a two-year deadline on most injury claims. Once this timeframe passes, a person pursuing a claim might be barred from seeking recovery. While exceptions may exist to this timeframe, it is advisable for anyone looking to pursue a claim act quickly.

Negligence Versus Strict Liability

Those suffering from defective product injuries in Philadelphia might be able to pursue legal recourse with the help of an attorney, using two different legal theories. Depending on the specifics case, plaintiffs may be able to bring a personal injury case based on a negligence theory or on a strict products liability theory.

Strict Products Liability

Under strict liability, a defendant might be held liable regardless of if they were negligent or not. Instead, strict liability offenses impose fault as long as the defendant committed the offense. In order to hold a defendant liable under strict liability, the plaintiff must show the following elements:

  • The defendant manufactured, designed, or distributed a product that was used by the plaintiff
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous, rendering it defective
  • The defendant manufacturer or seller intended the product to be distributed without additional changes to the product
  • The defective product injured the plaintiff


If the claim does not fall under strict liability, plaintiffs could still pursue a negligence action to recover damages. A defendant is said to be negligent under the law if they owed a duty of care to the plaintiff and breached their duty, which caused the plaintiff to suffer harm as a result. However, proving each of these elements might be difficult, even when injuries are clear. An experienced defective products lawyer in Philadelphia could help to explain these laws and work with a claimant to establish liability.

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Consumers rely on the safety and functionality of the products they buy. Unfortunately, many companies put profit before function, often at the expense of users. The result can be severe and even catastrophic injuries, leaving a person with medical bills and an inability to return to work.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries while safely using an item, you might wish to contact a Philadelphia defective products lawyer for help. An attorney could review the circumstances of your case, assist you in your fight for compensation, and allow you to focus on your recovery. Call a compassionate legal professional today to discuss your legal options.

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