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Norristown Child Injury Lawyer

Because of their innocence, naivety, and vulnerability, children can be more prone to accidents and sustaining physical or mental trauma. If your child has suffered serious injuries, consider reaching out to a Norristown child injury lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney could offer guidance in the face of a delicate situation, and help you hold the negligent party accountable for their reckless or careless actions.

Types of Child Injury Lawsuits

Child injuries may not only more often, but they also can be more serious. An injury sustained at a young age can have a lasting mental and psychological impact. Therefore, these lawsuits may provide compensation for more than just medical expenses. The law also contemplates the pain and suffering of the child, psychological trauma, and in some cases, the parents’ financial losses and mental anguish.

A Norristown minor injury attorney could identify what types of damages parents may be able to pursue based on the cause of their child’s injuries. Some examples of incidents that could lead to viable civil claims may include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Ingestion of toxic substance
  • Suffocating or choking
  • Drowning
  • Burns
  • Falls
  • Birth injuries
  • Physical abuse
  • Playground accidents

Potential Defendants in a Minor Injury Case

The nature of the case dictates who the plaintiff may hold responsible. Accidents may occur anywhere, including on the road, in stores, at the park, at home, or in school.

Additionally, whether or not a child gets hurt occurs in the presence of one or more parents or guardians can make a difference to the strength of a case and the legal strategy. Depending on where and when an accident occurs, it could implicate one or more parties. Some potential defendants in a case may include:

  • School staff, including teachers and administrators
  • Daycare employees
  • School or shuttle bus drivers
  • Other parents
  • Athletic coaches or staff
  • Religious organization staff

Attractive Nuisance

Injuries that occur on another person’s property fall under premises liability lawsuits. Of particular note is the attractive nuisance doctrine. An attractive nuisance is usually a man-made condition that poses a hazard to children if they were to enter a property without permission.

These conditions may include an artificial pond, swimming pool, or treehouse. If a child is gets hurt because of a potentially hazardous condition, the property owner may be liable to pay damages. A Norristown lawyer could assess a potential child injury case and establish if a proprietor may be liable under the attractive nuisance doctrine.

Defective Products

Manufacturers or designers of children’s toys, childcare equipment, furniture, and appliances also can be subject to litigation, especially if their product present choking hazards. When a minor chokes or suffers other bodily harm because of an unsafe or faulty item, the parents may sue these companies to hold them responsible.

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The heartbreak of watching your child get hurt and recover can be devastating. As a parent, it can turn your world upside down and leave you wondering what to do next.

An experienced Norristown child injury lawyer could help you make sense of the situation and evaluate your eligibility to pursue legal action. If your child got hurt because of another person, you should reach out to our firm for help.

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