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Reading Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating results for both riders and their passengers. Unprotected by a motor vehicle, motorcyclists are in a unique position to sustain severe injuries from accidents, even when they are wearing protective gear.

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, a Reading motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help determine whether you are entitled to pursue compensation from those drivers. If so, your personal injury attorney could provide the legal assistance you may need to recover financially from your crash.

Common Causes of Accidents to Motorcyclists

Various situations can lead to motorcycle accidents, many of which are common to other types of motor vehicle accidents as well. For example, drivers distracted by cell phones, GPS devices, loud music, or passengers may lose control of their vehicles, drift outside their lanes, or fail to obey traffic laws. Likewise, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may have delayed reactions, which also can lead to accidents.

Motorcycles also may not be as readily apparent to drivers due to their smaller size as compared with other motor vehicles. Even the slightest collision with a motorcycle can lead to a devastating accident with severe injuries, as the impact on the motorcycle is likely much more significant than the same impact on a passenger vehicle.

All these aforementioned instances may constitute legal negligence if they result in a crash that causes injuries to a motorcycle rider. A Reading attorney familiar with motorcycle accident cases could give an injured victim essential legal advice following an incident and guide them through any personal injury claim they may have.

Statutes of Limitation for Accidents Involving Motorcyclists

Under 42 PA Cons. Stat. §5524, the general statute of limitations is two years from the date of a crash that led to injuries. However, there are exceptions to this general rule, so consulting a motorbike wreck lawyer in Reading as quickly as possible following a collision may be crucial to protecting the right to seek compensation from potentially liable parties.

The first exception applies if an injured victim seeks to pursue compensation from a government entity. In this scenario, they may need to file a notice of intent to sue with that entity no less than six months from the date of the accident.

Likewise, the “discovery rule” also applies in personal injury cases. This rule establishes that if an accident victim did not know and could not have discovered their injuries before the expiration of the two-year statute of limitations, they may have two years from the date that they discovered their injuries in which to pursue a claim.

Contact a Reading Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Assistance

While riding motorcycles is an enjoyable pastime for many state residents, this activity can result in a collision that causes life-altering, severe injuries. In some cases, permanent impairments may occur that impede your ability to work and return to a healthy life. When this situation occurs, you may need legal assistance to explore all available options.

If the negligence of another person causes you to suffer injuries while riding your motorcycle, you have the right to recoup damages for all your losses related to the crash. Assistance from a Reading motorcycle accident lawyer could be the most effective means of protecting your right to seek compensation and filing a substantial claim for damages arising from an accident.

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