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Reading Bus Accident Lawyer

Along with Berks Area Regional Transport Authority (BARTA), other commercial and charter buses pass through Reading on a daily basis. Due to the size and weight of these buses, however, any crash involving them are often severe. Furthermore, due to the lack of seatbelts in most buses, there is an increased risk for both passengers and other motorists to suffer harm.

If you or a loved one was injured in a crash involving a bus, you might benefit from obtaining the counsel of a Reading bus accident lawyer. Navigating the process of establishing fault and filing a claim can be overwhelming, especially as you recover from your injuries. A trusted attorney could answer your questions and work to file a persuasive claim on your behalf.

How Bus Crashes Happen

Like other motor vehicle wrecks, someone is usually to blame for a bus crash. Often, it is the reckless, careless, or otherwise negligent behavior of a bus driver or other motorist that leads to a wreck. Some common reasons for how these crashes happen include:

  • A bus driver or motorist being fatigued
  • A bus driver may be under pressure to meet a specific schedule, increasing the motivation for him or her to speed, run traffic signals, or engage in other aggressive driving behaviors
  • Drivers performing illegal maneuvers, such as failing to yield, cutting other drivers off, or otherwise driving recklessly
  • A motorist being intoxicated
  • A company may not have appropriately maintained a bus, leading to an equipment failure—including blown tires, faulty transmissions, or defective brakes

Identifying the cause of any crash is necessary to know who may be responsible for compensating injured victims. The bus driver, another motorist, the bus company, a passenger, or other(s) may all have played a role in bringing about a wreck. A seasoned Reading attorney could work to determine fault after a bus crash.

Deciding to File a Claim After a Bus Accident

Some individuals injured in a bus wreck may be able to receive compensation through a settlement offer. This settlement may come from one or more of the parties responsible for causing the crash, and will usually promise a certain amount of money to provide compensation for a person’s losses.

However, it is not uncommon for a settlement offer to undervalue the full extent of a person’s losses. If this happens, a person injured in a bus crash could work with a skilled Reading lawyer to request full and fair compensation for their losses through a civil lawsuit. However, this is often an extensive legal process

Speak with a Reading Bus Accident Attorney for Assistance

Collisions and crashes involving buses can be severe, leaving a person with physical trauma, emotional anguish, and extensive medical bills despite a possible inability to return to work and earn wages. If you were injured in an accident that occurred because of another person’s negligence, you should not have to deal with these costs alone.

A Reading bus accident lawyer could help. From answering questions and determining liability, to calculating your losses and negotiating with insurance companies, a driven attorney could assist with each step.

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