Pedestrian Accidents

Safety Tips for Back to School

Posted in Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents on August 28, 2018

As schools around the country begin to reopen for a new school year, it’s a good time for children and adults alike to think about basic safety. Here are a few examples of the more critical rules that should be discussed. You should walk to and from school or the bus stop with your child …

What Are My Legal Rights If I Was Hit by a Car While Walking?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents, Pennsylvania, Personal Injury on July 3, 2017

Walking is great exercise and a pleasant, healthy way of getting around. But when pedestrians and motor vehicles share the roads, a pedestrian being hit and seriously injured by a car or truck becomes a real possibility. As seen by our Philadelphia car accident attorneys, a car hitting a human body is likely to cause …

Philadephia’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents, Pennsylvania, Personal Injury on October 10, 2016

A large city like Philadelphia is bound to have a high number of traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Every metropolitan area with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic runs the risk of numerous car accidents every year. There are some areas of Philadelphia, especially at intersections, where citizens are at a higher risk. Knowing which intersections …

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