5 Tips for Safe Tailgaiting in Philadelphia

For every Philadelphia Eagles fan, football season just isn’t complete without tailgating. Tailgating is a time-honored tradition at the Lincoln Financial Field, where fans gather before the game to celebrate the team with food, games, and booze. Pre-gaming with a tailgate party is one of the best ways to show your support of the Eagles. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the best ways to get into trouble if you aren’t careful. Learn how to tailgate safely and within the law to enjoy football season without any hassles.


Finding a place to park for your tailgate party at the Lincoln Financial Field comes with its own rules and regulations for drivers. Whether you show up equipped with grills and chairs or just a cooler full of alcohol, learn the easiest way to find safe and legal parking. The only lots that legally allow tailgating at the Lincoln Financial Field are E, F, J, K, L, and N. You may also park at the neighboring Wells Fargo parking lot if you’re careful to read the signs throughout the area regarding parking.

Leave dangerous and illegal items at home when you park to tailgate. Every vehicle parked at Lincoln Financial Field is subject to inspection. Hide any valuables you’re leaving in your car, either in the trunk or under seats. Criminals may take advantage of the fact that everyone’s watching the game to break into vehicles. Keep your car doors locked with the alarm on to avoid becoming a victim of theft.


Fans can’t bring in animals, food wrapped in plastic, umbrellas, hard-sided coolers, footballs, laser pointers, firearms, noisemakers, flags, signs, or sticks. This may seem like an extensive list, but officials have created it from years of dangerous and improper fan behaviors. Tailgating fans are also prohibited from bringing in outside alcohol. Fans who are clearly intoxicated during tailgating will have to leave the parking lot and will not be able to watch the game – even with a ticket.


Eating is one of the best parts about tailgating. Whether you’re planning a full-on barbecue or simply packed some sandwiches to munch on before the game, ensure you’ve maintained proper food temperature to prevent harmful bacteria growth and food poisoning. If you’re bringing raw meat to grill, keep it well insulated in a cooler on plenty of ice. Bring extra utensils so you don’t have to eat off the same ones that cooked the raw food. Always wash hands before eating. Food poisoning is a guaranteed way to ruin a good Eagles game.


If you’re one of many fans who like to celebrate by grilling at your tailgate, do so safely. Never light a gas grill with the top closed, as this can cause an explosion. Keep your grill at least six feet away from other vehicles and combustible materials. Never grill on or in your vehicle. Keep children away from the grill. Routinely maintain your grill and fix any wobbles and leans. An unstable grill can easily tip and cause a fire or burn injuries.


It can be easy to neglect personal health safety when you’re enjoying a good tailgate party. However, tailgating poses many health risks. Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn and sun poisoning, as you may be outside for several hours before and during a game. Drink plenty of water to combat the sun and alcohol, if you’re drinking. Alcohol dehydrates the body, increasing the risk of heat stroke and dehydration. If you do become intoxicated, hire a cab to take you home and return for your vehicle later. Designate a driver to stay sober if you know you’re likely to drink too much to drive.