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Allentown Slip and Fall Lawyer

People can sometimes take for granted that the public places they visit or the private properties they are invited to are safe and free from hazards that could cause them injury. Unfortunately, many learn that their safety cannot be taken for granted once they suffer a slip and fall injury. In some situations, individuals could have avoided these injuries had the property owner adhered to the duty of care they owed their visitors.

If you suffered an injury on public or private property, a qualified Allentown slip and fall lawyer could provide you with a case consultation to determine your legal rights. Once a skilled attorney reviews your case, you may be able to hold the negligent property owner responsible for your injuries.

Defining Slip and Fall Negligence

Whether they are a landlord, a store owner, or a private homeowner, all parties who own property are legally required to keep their premises safe. This responsibility could include shoveling snow and removing ice from the sidewalk, promptly cleaning up a spill in the grocery store, or fixing a defective deck. Regardless of the specific tasks involved, each of these parties has a duty to keep their property free of danger that could cause harm to those who enter.

If a property owner was aware or should reasonably have been aware of the danger and did not take steps to reduce or warn of the danger, they could be found negligent. As long as the plaintiff entered the property legally and sustained an injury directly due to a danger that the property owner was reckless in maintaining, an Allentown trip and fall attorney could help the injured victim seek damages.

The Defense of Plaintiff Liability and Comparative Negligence

One aspect of a slip and fall case that potential plaintiffs should be aware of is that the defense may try to blame the victim for their injuries. They may try to convince the court that the plaintiff should have seen the danger, did not have a right to enter the property, or that they were not paying attention when their injury occurred. While this strategy is a common tactic, it may not preclude the plaintiff from recovering damages.

If a court decides that the plaintiff is 50 percent or less at fault for their slip and fall, they could still collect compensation under the modified comparative negligence system established in 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §7102. This policy establishes that if the plaintiff is partially responsible for their injuries, their compensation could be reduced proportionately by their percentage of liability they bear for their accident.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Allentown could be ready to refute any defense tactics that the legal counsel for the defendant raises, including comparative negligence. By doing so, they could maximize the amount of compensation a plaintiff is able to pursue.

Speak with an Allentown Slip and Fall Attorney

After your slip and fall, representatives, insurance agents, or attorneys for the property owner may try to contact you to settle the case quickly. To maximize your compensation and protect your rights, it may be essential that you speak to an experienced Allentown slip and fall lawyer.

By scheduling a consultation with an attorney, you could learn what your case is worth and determine what your legal course of action should be. To find out more about holding a property owner liable for your injuries, call today.

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